The need to go beyond traditional accounts of social cognition such as Theory of Mind (ToM) has become evident in recent years in order to understand the complexities involved in everyday social interactions. At the same time it is unclear whether alternative theories such as Interaction Theory (IT) can yield a sufficient explanation of social interaction, or guide experimental research in this area. Our aim is thus to scrutinise and evaluate existing frameworks in order to integrate and develop them into a more comprehensive account of the bodily, affective, and cognitive processes which underpin social interaction. As a general organising principle, our project focuses on two salient aspects of social interaction, namely the interplay between pre-reflective and reflective processes, and how the cooperative or competitive social dynamics of a social interaction influence cognition.

The Social Interaction Research Group comprises of three philosophers and three neuroscientists. We collaborate in organising meetings, developing the conceptual and methodological foundation of social neuroscience, and designing and conducting empirical research.

To contact us please send an e-mail to: social_interaction_vw [at] googlegroups.com